Benjamin Banneker Park: A Quiet Oasis Near Falls Green


Falls Green is surrounded by beautiful landscaping, natural greenery, and quiet beauty. Our community boasts a generously sized pool, tennis courts, play areas, and pet-friendly areas. But if you ever need a fresh view, grab your gear and head over to Benjamin Banneker Park on North Sycamore Street, just a short eight-minute walk north on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Benjamin Banneker Park is open from sunrise to sunset and has many different activities for all types and ages. This 11-acre park offers a soccer field, a football field, and a basketball court for a pick-up game with friends; picnic tables, charcoal grills, and a horseshoe pit for fun gatherings; and many different walking, biking, and running trails, including Four Mile Run. For the kiddies, there’s a playground, and amid the lawns and trees are different yard toys that people have left behind for others to play with. There’s a dog park and a stream to explore with your kids (both human and furry).