Breakfast Is Served All Day at Cafe Kindred


Calling all breakfast aficionados, brunch connoisseurs, and leisurely lunch lovers. Cafe Kindred has the satisfying meals that you love, and that you likely haven’t had in a while. Look for a menu of morning favorites like avocado toast, breakfast platters, and corned beef hash, plus Vigilante Coffee in all of its glorious forms to drink. 

Breakfast is served all day, so don’t worry about missing a magic hour if working from home has you sleeping a bit later. But lunch is also served all day, so if you’re a sandwich-first-thing kind of person, Café Kindred has you covered there as well. The weekend brunch menu is a perfect marriage of both the weekday breakfast and lunch offering, plus special additions like shrimp and grits, fried chicken curry and waffles, or brunch poutine with sausage gravy and a poached egg. 

Find Café Kindred in the Northgate Building on Washington Street. They are closed on Mondays, so plan your cravings accordingly!