Fall Festivities Await at Krop’s Crops


From hayrides to pumpkin picking, visitors to Krop’s Crops will quickly find that there’s more to this local staple than clever wordplay. Your trip will be full of fall fun, some of which you can bring back home with you. 

Hayrides to the pumpkin patch make up one of the most exciting of the fall festivities at Krop’s Crops. There’s little that’s more autumnal than pumpkins and hayrides! You’ll trail behind the tractor, journeying to the pumpkin patch. Once you’ve arrived, you can wander through the field to search for the perfect gourd. Preparing a festive centerpiece? Choose a miniature pumpkin to decorate your table. Annual jack-o-lantern carving to be done? That charismatic friend-to-be is just waiting to come home with you. 

While you’re enjoying your time at Krop’s Crops, be sure to try some of their fresh local cider and Winchester apples. Chomp into one fresh from the trees or set aside a few to bake an All-American pie. A sprinkle of cinnamon or pumpkin pie will transform the classic fruit to a true masterpiece. 

Before you leave, spend some time browsing their chrysanthemums and other decorations to make sure your apartment is ready for autumn and Halloween. Not only with the festive touch make you smile—it will serve as a reminder of your lovely day at Krop’s Crops.