Gluten-Free French Baked Goods Are on the Menu at The Happy Tart


Could you imagine discovering you’re gluten intolerant while in the process of studying to become a French pastry chef? That’s just what happened to Emma Cech, the owner and executive chef of The Happy Tart in Falls Church. But it was from that unfortunate discovery that Cech got the inspiration to open a gluten-free French bakery. Peruse the reviews on sites like Yelp and you’ll find customers astonished and grateful for the quality of the baked goods this shop puts out each day, as well as the staff’s warm and detail-oriented interactions with customers.

Though the Happy Tart has switched to a fully online ordering system and has limited to take-out and delivery service, the praise keeps rolling in. The menu here goes far beyond cookies and cakes—you’ll also find a range of sweet and savory crepes, house-made omelets, sandwiches, and pot pies.