Explore Middle Eastern Cuisine at Balqees, Now Open Near Falls Green


Falls Church is no stranger to good food, with countless well-loved restaurants. But Balqees, one of our newest additions, can’t help but stand out as particularly enticing. 

With a focus on Middle Eastern cuisine—in particular, Yemeni food—Balqees brings together the regional distinctions and international influences that make the dishes of this culture so delicious. From fahsa (a lamb-based stew) to fattoush (a salad originating in Lebanon), the colors and flavors of Belqees’ menu are sure to draw you in. 

The restaurant’s earliest reviewers can attest to these dishes tasting as good as they sound and look. “Don’t sleep on Balqees guys or you’ll miss all the flavor and tenderness they have to offer,” explains Cham K., while fellow Yelp user Tamara B. adds, “This restaurant is absolutely spectacular!” From the general ambiance to food, service, and even hookah, it’s clear that customers are already loving what Balqees has to offer. 

From samosas to s’mores, Balqees has plenty to offer and can only become more beloved with time. Pick a dish and return to make your way through the menu—even if you try something new every time, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be served something delicious.