The Johnson’s Cafe: A New York–Style Deli and Cafe Near Falls Green


A newly opened shop, Johnson’s Cafe is a delightful, New York–style cafe and deli that creates and serves hearty food with breakfast, fresh salads, sandwiches, and lunch bowls. Some of the tastiest items on the menu are the egg sandwiches and lunch bowls that contain Indian butter chicken, roasted half chicken, and tandoori spiced salmon. They also provide beverages to go with your meal from grace coffee roasters to juices and tea. 

Johnson’s main focus is to give the local community of Falls Church a place to experience different cultures through their food and provide simple, seasonal healthy items. The shop began its origins from a family restaurant in India and then came over to New York City restaurants, eventually settling in Virginia. David Johnson, the chef, and owner of the cafe, strives to continue making satisfying dishes for all to drool over and will keep changing the menu, evolving with the seasons and needs of the community. Check out their website before visiting the blue-and-white storefront.