Satisfy a Sweet Tooth With Shaved Ice at Snow Show


Craving something sweet? Try Snow Show, a newly opened shaved ice spot that features delicacies like Korean Bingsu, Japanese Kakigori, and Taiwanese Shaved Ice!

The menu features a few different options. To try something on your own terms, opt for the create-your-own-dessert section of the menu. First, you choose a base from options like tofu pudding, red bean soup, or icy herbal jelly blended with herbal ice. Then, choose your toppings! There are traditional options like mung beans or different jelly balls. You can also create a warm bowl with bases like ginger soup with toppings like sweet potato balls.

Snow Show also has a curated selection of tasty shaved ice dishes. No matter what you try it’ll probably be a new and unique experience!