Have You Experienced the Two-Pound Pretzel at Heidelberg Pastry Shop?


Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. And when you do, it’s time for a trip to Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe. This family-owned and -operated European gourmet bakery and deli has been around since 1975, serving up the best of both American and German sweets.

You can shop online for pickup or delivery, or pop into the store and browse what they have available. They’re known for their bread, pastries, and cakes—so start there if you’ve never been before. The pastries are all perfectly flaky and fluffy. Favorites are the raspberry jam-filled croissants, marzipan and hazelnut stuffed buchteln, and creamy eclairs. The breads range from standard whole wheat sandwich bread to tasty sweet challah or perfectly crusty baguettes. One of the real MVPs of the menu though? The two-pound pretzel with beer cheese. It is huge and perfect for sharing! They also make custom cakes for special occasions.

The Büchler family takes pride in the goodies they serve our Arlington community. Get out there and support them!