Get Your Bubble Tea Fix at Mr. Wish in Falls Church


Bubble tea is all the rage right now and one of the best places to get it near Falls Green is Mr. Wish. Mr.Wish is a new hot spot for bubble tea that will definitely not disappoint. You can expect to get a delicious taste of premium bubble tea without spending a fortune when you visit this new bubble tea joint, and customers are still raving about it. 

Some of the most popular fruit teas on the menu include the wish special fruit tea, the colorful fruit tea, passionfruit green tea, and the honey lemon green tea, all of which are made with fresh fruit prepared fresh daily. If you really love fruit they also have diced fruit teas which include larger chunks of fruit, such as a peach tea with fresh pulp, mango tea with pulp, and a wild berry fiber tea. 

So visit this new bubble tea spot and get a fresh taste of fruity goodness!