History Meets Home Decor at Falls Church Antique Annex

Jul 01, 2021 By Blog Editor

An antique can very well have remarkable monetary value. But, even more importantly, they hold value that can’t be declared with a dollar sign or other quantitative value. When you shop at Falls Church Antique Annex, you might not get a detailed list of who owned the item or what it meant to them. But, even so, you know you’ll find a piece that tells a story, however subtle. 

You might buy a mirror for your apartment that’s passed down through generations of a particular family before finding its way to the Antique Annex. For years, a woman or family would gaze into their reflection, brushing their hair or studying their visage. Now, you’ll mirror those same daily habits, continuing a long-held tradition you didn’t know you had.

Maybe you’ll choose an antique chair. For you, it might be the place you throw your jacket and purse after a long day, or where you sit down to rest after cooking an extensive meal. What you didn’t know is that a family more or less raised their children with that chair, rocking babies to sleep or spoon-feeding little ones their dinner. 

Falls Church Antique Annex and stores like it can’t always give you an extensive history of the item. But, regardless, you can make a purchase knowing that a story is there.