Sip Boba Tea and More at Sharetea


If you’re something of a bubble tea connoisseur, you’ll be blown away by the quality of the beverages at Sharetea. The American offshoot of a Taiwan-born business, Sharetea prides itself on authenticity. It actually ships in ingredients from Taiwan to ensure the drinks are always perfectly crafted.

With more than 50 beverages to choose from, ranging from fruit teas to milk teas (and even a few types of coffee and cocoa), there’s no dearth of options. For a boost of antioxidants, order an iced green tea infused with your level of sweetness (ranging from unsweetened to 120%) and extras such as boba, aloe, or even herb jelly. Or sip on a fruit tea like the honey lemonade capped with aloe or the peach-kiwi tea complemented by aiyu. Interested in something a little closer to dessert? The crema teas all come topped with a thick, sweet layer of cream—just add sweet boba to seal the deal. The milk teas are also on the sweeter side, available in flavors ranging from winter melon to taro. Sharetea also boasts an ever-changing lineup of seasonal teas, like the current coconut milk tea.