Support Your Community and the Planet at the Clock Tower Thrift Shop


Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) offers a huge variety of services to clients in need, from mental health counseling to housing for those experiencing homelessness. Their work reaches people living below the poverty line all across Northern Virginia, but only because NVFS has the resources to reach them—enter, the Clock Tower Thrift Shop.

This thrift shop isn’t just a great place to score deals. It’s also a constant fundraiser for NVFS, as proceeds go directly toward offering those much-needed services to the community. So you can feel good about shopping here, not only because buying secondhand is affordable and eco-friendly, but also because by doing so, you’re actually helping your neighbors! The inventory is constantly refreshed to add new pieces of fashion, home decor, kitchenware, and much more. The website is regularly updated with standout pieces that you can reserve online for pick-up—like a handcrafted tea set from Poland or an artisan-crafted basket woven in Africa. And while most of the items are gently used, don’t be surprised to find a few brand new products, too!