Don’t Miss Lez Zeppelin: Earl’s Court on November 19th


Legendary guitarist and founder of Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page had this to say about Lez Zeppelin’s 2013 show in London: “They played the led zeppelin music with an extraordinary sensuality and an energy and passion that highlighted their superb musicianship.” It might be the highest praise a cover band can receive, a glowing review from the very musician who inspired their existence.

Come to Lez Zeppelin: Earl’s Court on November 19th and you’ll understand why this all-female rock band has a legion of loyal fans scattered across the entire globe. The talented musicians will recreate the English rock band’s iconic Earls Court shows, played in London in the summer of 1975. They hit each note just as the original band did, cultivating the same passion and energy as Jimmy Page and his cohorts did nearly 50 years ago. The band will storm the stage at The State Theatre in Falls Church on Saturday, November 19th at 7 p.m. Be sure to grab your tickets ASAP as they usually sell out! Admission starts at $27 with VIP admission (including a meet and greet with the band) priced at $52 per ticket.