Celebrating Spring in Falls Church


Looking gorgeous and feeling green! Happy St. Patrick’s Day Falls Green residents. This March, ditch the rabbit’s foot and quit wishing on a shooting star, you are already lucky enough to be living in our fantastic community. Between local new restaurants and seasonal events, create your luck this month while living at Falls Gren. 

Take a trip to the recently opened Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant, only 20 minutes away from our community. This two-story waterfront restaurant sits in The Wharf with beautiful views overlooking the Potomac River, ensuring a luxurious yet relaxing experience. With beautifully-plated dishes, experimental cocktails, delectable desserts, and the famous red and blue kitchen, Chef Ramsey brings the energy of Hell’s Kitchen to Washington DC. 

Then, make sure to take advantage of the changing seasons. From March 20th to April 16th, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC will showcase the iconic and beautiful blooms of the cherry blossom trees. In addition to the stunning cherry blossoms, the festival offers plenty of activities and events for all ages, such as parades, performances, and cultural experiences. You can also take a stroll around the Tidal Basin and marvel at the picturesque scenery. Located less than 20 minutes from your Falls Green apartment home.